0 ¤ Army of Thousand Sons (2242pt.)

Warhammer 40k Battle-forged Army of Thousand Sons

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+1 ¤ Chaos Space Marines Rubric Marines & Soulreaper Cannons

I just noticed a slight error (or at least I'm pretty sure it is):

The Rubric Marines that can be fielded by the Chaos Space Marines actually are permitted Soulreaper Cannons even in 5-man units; they get one at 5 mans and one at 20 mans. This is different from the Thousand Sons Rubricae, which can take one cannon at 10 mans and another at 20 mans (but whose sorcerers get to cast Tzeentchy spells and can bring plasma pistols to make up for it). The site currently complains about 5 man non-TS rubrics with a soulreaper cannon.

(I might have missed a ruling somewhere, but I don't see it in the FAQs so I suspect this discrepency between the two Rubricae units is still there.)

Thank you!

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0 ¤ Exalted Sorcerers: Power Swords, not Force Swords

A bit of an error here: in the new Thousand Sons codex, Exalted Sorcerers can be equipped with power swords, but not with force swords. HQ currently permits the addition of the latter but not the former.

(Thank you for the excellent army list builder!)

error bug

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0 ¤ Shadow War Statu Variabilis [Chaos Space Marine Kill Team] (1000/1000pt.)

Shadow War: Armageddon Chaos Space Marine Kill Team

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+1 ¤ Just-As Planning [Army of <Legion>] (2808/9001pt.)

My devious schemes for future model acquisition.

Warhammer 40k Army of <Legion> Battle-forged

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