0 ¤ <dynasty> battalion connection error

i get a connection error when i try to add a "<dynasty> battalion" (not a "necron battalion") to a necron army.


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0 ¤ Lists containing Inquisitor Eisenhorn and/or Daemonhost are broken

While trying to open a list containing Inquisitor Eisenhorn and/or Daemonhost you will get an error page:

"Oops! Seems like an error occured

Please report to the maintenance team

The problem occured when accessing this page."

error eisenhorn daemonhost

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0 ¤ Issue when changing point system

Error occures when trying to open roster (http://hq-builder.com/roster/220825 ).

I'm just changed point system to power points after creating the roster and can't enter the roster anymore.

Still great app, by the way.

Issue error point system bug

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0 ¤ Exalted Sorcerers: Power Swords, not Force Swords

A bit of an error here: in the new Thousand Sons codex, Exalted Sorcerers can be equipped with power swords, but not with force swords. HQ currently permits the addition of the latter but not the former.

(Thank you for the excellent army list builder!)

bug error

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0 ¤ Incorrect points values for Company Command Squad (Astra Milit.)

Incorrect points values for Company Command Squad (Astra Milit.)

Maybe I'm out of the loop but isn't a heavy flamer worth 20 and not 10 pts?

also, little things like carapace armour is bought per model on this builder at 2 pts per model but in the Codex you buy it for the squad at 20 pts (p.93)

One last thing, in this army builder platoon command squads should be able to add heavy weapons like special weapons - much less complicated and easy to see it this way- speaking of which, why can I only have ONE heavy weapon for a Platoon HQ squad? Can't find that in the codex!

all help is appreciated. thanks

incorrect astra fix Points problem error points value wrong bug?

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