0 ¤ AM Veteran HWT cost?

I don't have my book in front of me but shouldn't a Vet HWT cost 10pts not 12 pts?

Timeshadow @ ()

0 ¤ Techpriest Enginseer and Ministorum Priest (Index) disappeared

No such options in IG lists.

Clavius @ ()

0 ¤ Lists containing Inquisitor Eisenhorn and/or Daemonhost are broken

While trying to open a list containing Inquisitor Eisenhorn and/or Daemonhost you will get an error page:

"Oops! Seems like an error occured

Please report to the maintenance team

The problem occured when accessing this page."

error eisenhorn daemonhost

S4mL0wry @ ()

0 ¤ GSC Jackal Alphus

They cost 70 pts not 105.

Timeshadow @ ()

+4 ¤ GSC ETA?

Any ETA?

I know you are going as fast as you can, and appreciate all your hard work.

Timeshadow @ ()

+1 ¤ Sternguard Veteran Squad

Veteran Sergeant cost 14 pts, not 16.

Feador @ ()

+2 ¤ Space Marines Captain on a bike

Server connection error for codex captain on a bike

Erick R Ramsey @ ()

0 ¤ Hive Tyrant cost error

Hive Tyrant without wings costs 143, not 135

DaBigBoss @ ()

0 ¤ CSM Powerfist cost

CSM Powerfist is costed at 12pts on the app, though it's 9pts from CA18.

points ca18 bag

VKrashV @ ()

0 ¤ Roster Error With Geninae Superia

I am getting the server error problem, thank you.

Erick R Ramsey @ ()

0 ¤ Defiler Reaper Autocannon Cost

Defiler Reaper Autocannon is costed at 15pts on the app, though it's 10pts from CA18.

Mo @ ()

0 ¤ Dark Angels Company Vets Cost

Company Vets are listed at 16pts each, but they're actually base 14 pts each as of CA2018

Mo @ ()

0 ¤ Death Guard point errors:

Myphitic blight hauler: 117, not 92 (listed)

Helbrute: Autocannon at 15 instead of 10

theblackadder @ ()

+1 ¤ Points Update Request (Ork Buggies)

Thank you for your updates and quickly adding units from the new Ork Codex. I have input on points corrections for a few of the buggies regarding their equipped items and point values:

Boomdakka Snazzwagon - 100 points

--(Base 95 plus 5 for included Big Shoota)

Megatrakk Scrapjets - 110 points

--(Base 90 plus 20 for two twin Big Shootas (10 each))

Shokkjump Dragstas - 120 points

--(Base 108 plus 12 for Rokkit Launcha)

The Rukkatrukk Squigbuggies and Kustom Boosta-Blastas are correct.

Thank you for your updates.

TylerHimel @ ()

0 ¤ Tyranid Forgeworld?

I've seen forgeworld get added for some factions, so assume that you are adding them slowly as it takes time and you probably have stuff to do other than this. But is there a timeline or an order at which you are adding forgeworld models?

Jonathan Mockapetris @ ()

0 ¤ Question about Skitarii Rangers?

Can I have a model with a omnispex and a different model with an enhanced data tether? So that I have one of each in the same squad? Same for Vanguards, can they do the same thing?

Erick R Ramsey @ ()

0 ¤ Dark Angels missing some bits as from the codex

A couple of bits missing on the site that are in the DA codex..

Stormraven Gunship not appearing in the list of flyers.

Contemptor dreadnought only has the Imperial armour one (but gets a connection error when trying to add) and it's missing the version from the codex anyway.

Thanks for the site tho, very helpful :)

Bootae @ ()

+1 ¤ Chaos Raptor must cost are now 15 point, but he are still listed as 17 pts.

In Chapter Approved 2018 Chaos Raptor must cost are now 15 point, but he are still listed as 17 pts.

points bag update CA18

VKrashV @ ()

0 ¤ GSC Transports showing 0 Power cost.

When using Power costs Both the Goliath truck and chimera come up as 0 power.


Timeshadow @ ()

0 ¤ Aberrants wrong power cost for 10

Cost for 10 aberrants should be 14. It is not adding the extra 7 if you get an additional 5.


Timeshadow @ ()