0 ¤ Phoenix Lords detachments?

Am I misunderstanding the rules or can I not have a Phoenix Lord in a Craftworld detachment? All of them are greyed out

Eldar Detachment Craftworld Phoenix Lords

Genrhian1 @ ()

0 ¤ Blood angels shadowspear content?

Can't find any phobos armour in BA list. Same about Suppressors. Additionally, I dont see Librarian in TA.

Error Blood Angel BA 40k phobos Suppressor Librarian shadowspear

Brunstan @ ()

0 ¤ Fantasy armies

Earlier I've noticed limited support for 8th edition fantasy rosters like missing Wood elf army and some other army using 7th instead of 8th ed army book.

Now I don't seem to be able to create any fantasy roster, did you just remove the whole system? Is it a bug or a feature?


Grzegorz @ ()

+2 ¤ Imperial Armour - 8th Edition


Is there a way to add imperial armour units from the Forge World indexs to Guard and Marine lists?

DaveR @ ()

+1 ¤ Kill Teams

We have started adding Kill Teams support

For now, some of the standard kill teams, ater that Commanders and Elites

Please check and report on errors encountered. Suggestions are welcome

survivor @ ()

0 ¤ Error - Blood angels missing Stormhawk and Stormtalon

Blood angels list missing Stormhawk interceptor and Stormtalon gunship

Daniel Robinson @ ()

0 ¤ Error. Lieutenant. Thunder hammer




Thunder hammer (CHARACTERS): 21

Thunder hammer (other models): 16

Volonteir @ ()

0 ¤ Space Marines infiltrators - helix adept error

Hello! Right now builder places Helix adept in a unit of 5 infiltrators, as mandatory choice - but It seems like in "Codex Vanguard Marines" Helix adept available only in a unit of 10 infiltrators. Otherwise, great builder, thanks in advance! :)

Space marines Infiltrators

Levsha @ ()

0 ¤ Error - Blood angels intercessor Aux Grenade launcher

Listed at 1 point, now 0 points under chapter approved - not checked standard Astartes list

Daniel Robinson @ ()

+2 ¤ Error. Create army of Imperium.

The problem occured when accessing this page.

Gezert @ ()

+2 ¤ Error in Shadow-spear Units.

Server connection error on shadow spear units except HQ's

Erick R Ramsey @ ()

0 ¤ Shadowspear Units

Any idea when Shadowspear units for Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines will be added?

Thanks in advance.

Lordginger @ ()

+2 ¤ Termite Assault Drill

Would it be possible to add the Termite Assault Drill from Forgeworld to the Adeptus Mechanicus roster? They can also be used by all flavors of Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines.

Thank you!

Dusty @ ()

0 ¤ Slaanesh lists not working

All my lists with a Slaanesh Daemon detachments haven't been working for a bit, and you get a server error when you try to add one to a chaos list

Cadence @ ()

0 ¤ Craftworld Storm Guardian

As indicated in the CA-18 cost of 1 model - 6 points, squad - 48

Mannergem @ ()

+2 ¤ Terminators and Assault Terminators

I belive they should be 23 points base not 26

Rumtap @ ()

0 ¤ Wolf claws seem to not be working

So far it's been just the Wolf Guard Terminators, keep getting a Server connection error when I change the ranged weapon to wolf claws to double up. You might want to check the others just in case.


Atomfire @ ()

0 ¤ No option for Iridium battlesuit upgrade for regular crisis teams

Like the title says, there isn't an option I can find for applying the iridium upgrade to a team of regular crisis suits, and the option only appears for the crisis suit commanders. This is a feature that should be added as otherwise the points have to be counted manually.

Dune Manta @ ()

0 ¤ AM Veteran HWT cost?

I don't have my book in front of me but shouldn't a Vet HWT cost 10pts not 12 pts?

Timeshadow @ ()

0 ¤ Techpriest Enginseer and Ministorum Priest (Index) disappeared

No such options in IG lists.

Clavius @ ()