0 ¤ Kill Team: Addition of Elites

Hi guys,

just found this Builder and I really love it! I also love that its browser based.

But whyis Kill Team: Elites still missing for the KT Builder?

Could someone please implement that? That would be really awesome.

I would do it myself if thats possible.

Greetings Flawless

Flawless @ ()

0 ¤ Error

Trying to open a Supreme Command Detachment is giving a server connection error.

Erick R Ramsey @ ()

0 ¤ Adeptus Custodes Bug?

Was looking into what a Sisters plus Custodes army might look like and kept getting a network error for just the Adeptus Custodes detachments when I tried to load them in.


Kanimana @ ()

0 ¤ FelAndr @

Please Fix

5x Chaos Space Marines (63pt.)

§ 1x Aspiring Champion (11pt.);

§ 4x Chaos Space Marine (13pt.);

Must be

5x Chaos Space Marines (55pt.)

§ 1x Aspiring Champion (11pt.);

§ 4x Chaos Space Marine (11pt.);


FelAndr @ ()

0 ¤ Grey Knight cost update: Nemesis falchions


Nemesis falchions should be 2 points total for the pair instead of 1, currently the cost doesn't update/reflect swapping a Grey Knight to 2xFalchions from a sword/halberd.



Namingway @ ()

0 ¤ FelAndr @

Hello there. The site is wonderful and pretty quickly updated information. But some things did not fix dosihpor such as Helldrake.

Heldrake (157pt.)

Heldrake claws; Baleflamer;

Must be

Heldrake (140pt.)

Heldrake claws; Baleflamer;

FelAndr @ ()

0 ¤ Bug Report: Howling Banshees

Hello, love the site!

There seems to be a bug causing a server error whenever I try to add Howling Banshees to any kind of Eldar army.



briandoyle81@gmail.com @ ()

+4 ¤ Another important announcement


First of all, i need to say that this domain is currently being expired. Hopefully we would be able to buy it for good this time. But maybe not.

Second, first update in a long time. Support for Index: Inquisition has been added.

Third, as soon as Sisters of Battle are out, thay will be added too

And, lastly, Warhammer legends are out! what does that mean - well. it means there would be some work to do. We will add that content (or update it, as it is mostly copied from index), and probably add " (Legends)" to the unit selection lists.

survivor @ ()

+1 ¤ Chaos Knight Detachment Issue

When I add a "Chaos Knight (Super-Heavy Detachment)" the system adds a "Chaos Knights (Super-Heavy auxilary detachment)" instead. Also "auxilary" is misspelled, it should be "auxiliary".


qurgh @ ()

0 ¤ Thunder hammer cost update

For characters now it's 40 pts,Not 21.

Remember when building a list while our wrbmaster update

Marco Besana @ ()

0 ¤ Trying to use Ynari Characters in a non-Ynari detachment.

According to the rules for Ynari:

If your army is Battle-forged you can include Yvraine, the Visarch or the Yncarne in any CRAFTWORLDS, HARLEQUINS or DRUKHARI Detachments (as defined in their respective codexes), provided that the Detachment does not include any of the following units: any AELDARI named character (other than Yvraine, the Visarch or the Yncarne), any Mandrakes, the Avatar of Khaine, Solitaires or any <HAEMONCULUS COVEN=""> units.

It should be possible to use a Ynari character in a standard <KABAL> or <CRAFTWORLD> detachment.

Am I doing this wrong, or is it a bug, that this option doesn't exist?

Lennart Night @ ()

0 ¤ AdMech Skorpius Disintegrator Missing

The entrie for the Adeptus Mechanicus Skorpius Disintegrator is missing.

The stats or on Wahapedia, found here: http://wahapedia.ru/wh40k8ed/factions/adeptus-mechanicus/Skorpius-Disintegrator


Lennart Night @ ()

+5 ¤ Important announcement


For the past few days there have been issues wth logins and various others. We are very sorry about that.

What happened is attempted migration to new version of python, as previous will soon be obsolete

It was a failure, due to multitude of reasons, but in the end because there is insufficient control over the host we use - and over domain we use as well

So, what now. We will do a server migration in the next month, this time hopefully withoutscrewing up

Sorry for the inconvenience caused

survivor @ ()

0 ¤ FB broken/removed?

I can't make or access lists for Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Is that deliberate or is something happening?

Bug Lists Fantasy

custodesvero @ ()

0 ¤ Repentia Squad Sister of battle

I got "server error" as I try to add them to my list; could you fix this, please?


Marco Besana @ ()

0 ¤ Infiltrator comm array price


infiltrator comm array is listed at 32 pts, it should be 10 pts

Sorry if I posted that at the wrong place

sebvm @ ()

0 ¤ Broken link on Astropath

The "?" on Astropath links to


but the correct link location would be



Lennart Night @ ()

0 ¤ Assassin detachments

Will auxilary support detachments for assassins ever be added? (It gets a little annoying having to proxy it in.)

Eddy Grimm @ ()

0 ¤ dark angels librarian

there's only librarian on bike, termy, phobos, primaris, but not the normal power armour librarian they got from dark vengeance box,eg

Marco Besana @ ()

0 ¤ Warhammer Fantasy Battle Skaven Units

Several units are missing from the skaven list

from special : All the wepon team

From Rare : Stormfiends

Skaven Warhammer Fantasy Special Units Rare Units

Dotei @ ()