0 ¤ GSC list building issue

When trying to create minimum sized GSC Neophyte squads of 1x leader 7x neophytes and 1x heavy weapons team every time i leave the page and come back the list updates to 1x leader 9x neophytes and 1x heavy weapons team. It does not seem to retain changes and the total point value doesnt change at the top of the list page when i reduce them back down to 1x leader 7x neophytes 1x heavy weapons team.

CultoftheGoldenNet @ ()

+1 ¤ Forgeworld Units

This is kind of useless to me if I can't add FW units.

Victor Westeraa @ ()

0 ¤ Adding Export as ETC Format List

The guys from Frontline gaming have recently asked someone to create something so people can easily make lists in the ETC format since ITC is going to be requiring lists to be in that format going forward and without really knowing anything about coding it doesn't look like it would be too hard for you guys to make an additional export format.

Here is a plain text version of an army list I made:

Tyranids 500 Psyker heavy patrol (500/Unlimited pt.)


@Detachments [ 1 ]

<Hive Fleet=""> (Patrol detachment)

@HQ [ 2 ]

Neurothrope (70pt.) Claws and teeth;

Neurothrope (70pt.) Claws and teeth;

@Elites [ 1 ]

6x - Zoanthropes (240pt.)

6x - Zoanthrope (40pt.); Claws and teeth;

@Troops [ 1 ]

25x - Termagants (120pt.)

20x - Termagant ; Fleshborer;

5x - Termagant ; Devourer;


  • Units: 4

  • Models: 33

  • Detachments: 1

  • Command points: 3

@Created by Head Quarters - online roster builder

That should be the following in the ETC format:


  • PLAYER: Victor "AngryPirate" Westeraa


  • ARMY FACTION: Tyranids




  • ARMY NAME: "Psyker heavy patrol"


  • Total Reinforcement Points: 1500

== Patrol Detachment == Tyranids [?? Power Points] [500 Points] 0 CP <Kraken>

HQ2: Neurothrope (PP: Catalyst) [4 PL, 70pts]

HQ2: Neurothrope (PP: Catalyst) [4 PL, 70pts]

Troops1: 25x Termagants (254), Devourer (54) [?? PL, 120pts]

Elite1: 6x Zoanthrope (40*6) [?? PL, 240pts]

Victor Westeraa @ ()

0 ¤ Ability to add combined rosters? e.g. Heretic Astartes and Questoris Traitoris

Is there any plan on adding this functionality?

ScootaEu @ ()

+2 ¤ GSC Magus can have Familiar (Currently not an option)

The GSC Magus can have one or two familars just like the Paterarch @ 12 ppm.

Timeshadow @ ()

+1 ¤ Anniversary Primaris Captain not on list builder

an option for the Anniversary Primaris Captain does not exist on the list builder

WG101 @ ()

0 ¤ Khorne Blood Throne

Hey, I noticed on the Daemons / Khorne Blood Throne, if you select it as an option it messes up the number of HQ's in the unit and shows an error message even if your detachment is legal.

graniteus @ ()

0 ¤ Skitarii rangers

It is normal that they costs 7 pts for model?

In codex they cost 8 pts per model?

There were anu FAGs??

Sime @ ()

+2 ¤ Forgeworld?

Is there no FW support for CSM?

DreadArchon @ ()

0 ¤ Wolf codex

Wolf guard pack lieder in grey hunters,and all other units without terminator armour can take storm shield;there are no this optiin on this site

Sime @ ()

0 ¤ Eldar Guardian Defender Platform & Hemlock Wraithfighter Points Update Suggestion

Guardian Defenders:

There should be a 5 point cost for heavy weapon platforms. The codex lists Guardians as 8 points with the option to add a Heavy Weapons Platform for 5 points (1 for every 10 Guardians).

When building in HQ, it seems to be adding the Heavy Weapon Platform for free. The weapon options are correct, but I believe an extra 5 points needs to be added for the platform itself.

Hemlock Wraithfighter:

The cost looks to be 210 (an added 10 for equipped Spirit Stones). This appears to have been addressed in a recent Craftworlds errata.

"Page 108 – Hemlock Wraithfighter

Change the unit description to read:

‘A Hemlock Wraithfighter is a single model equipped

with two heavy D-scythes and spirit stones.’"

The errata can be found here: https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/warhammer_40000_craftworlds_en-2.pdf


TylerHimel @ ()

0 ¤ Legion of the damned

an error messege pops up whenever I try to add a lotd detatchment to an imperium army

WinterLantern @ ()

+1 ¤ Space marines index dreadnought / venerable dreadnought

As official rule from GW allows to take index weapons can we get an option to include index dreadnoughts?

Warhammer 40k space marines

Shuul @ ()

+1 ¤ Deathwatch Venerable Drednought

Can we get Ven. Dreads for deathwatch please?


Shuul @ ()

+12 ¤ Future Support For Kill Team?

Are the any plans about making a roster system for the upcoming Kill Team game? I know there's a lot to keep up with so it may take a while or not happen, I'm just curious about your thoughts.

Salem @ ()

0 ¤ Vanguard Officio Assassinorum Server Connection Error

I am currently unable to add the Officio Assassinorum Vanguard Detachment to any Imperial List as far as I have checked.

Assassins Vanguard Officio Assassinorum Imperials

Geopyre @ ()

0 ¤ Thousand Sons

Hi, how are there no deamon units in the thousand sons list? they are in the codex after all

Heinz @ ()

0 ¤ Deathwatch

Fam, can we please get the DW Intercessor mixed unit choices x


HelloPlease @ ()

0 ¤ Harlequins

How long does It take to update Harlequin points values?

SuperDalahan @ ()

0 ¤ Issue when changing point system

Error occures when trying to open roster (http://hq-builder.com/roster/220825 ).

I'm just changed point system to power points after creating the roster and can't enter the roster anymore.

Still great app, by the way.

Issue error point system bug

elfaq @ ()