0 ¤ Clawed Fiends missing?

Army of Aeldari, Aeldari Battallion, don't see Clawed Fiends under Fast Attack.

Also, Khymerae are bugged - you can only buy them in pairs, even though the index says you can buy them one at a time.

quindraco @ ()

0 ¤ Deathguard army [Army of Chaos] (1999pt.)

Warhammer 40k Army of Chaos Battle-forged

Djamrock @ ()

0 ¤ Server Connection Error: Transcendant C'Tan

Server Connection Error adding a Transcendant C'Tan to an Army of Necrons, Battallion Detachment.

server connection error

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0 ¤ Necron Destroyers with Heavy Destroyer Miscosted

Necron Destroyers that take a Heavy Destroyer pay 12 points for the privilege but also lose a Destroyer, meaning the end unit is costed as if the Heavy only cost 12 points.

For example, a 6-model unit with 1 Heavy should cost 635+75=636+12=390, but actually costs 327 in the builder, based on 63*5+12.

bug necrons destroyers

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0 ¤ Army of Daemon (992/1000pt.)

Sylvaneth models - winterland forest daemons

Warhammer 40k Army of Daemon Battle-forged

Tomas @ ()

0 ¤ Army of Daemon (989/1000pt.)

Real deal

Warhammer 40k Army of Daemon Battle-forged

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0 ¤ Slaanesh Bikers [Army of Chaos] (610pt.)

Warhammer 40k Army of Chaos Battle-forged

dewona @ ()

0 ¤ Army of <Chapter> (979pt.)

Warhammer 40k Army of <Chapter> Battle-forged

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0 ¤ Army of Nurgle (1014pt.)

Warhammer 40k Army of Nurgle Battle-forged

CovertMagic @ ()

0 ¤ CXXIst Armored Regiment [Army of Imperium] (2000/2000pt.)

Warhammer 40k Army of Imperium Battle-forged

argantemazzi @ ()

0 ¤ 1500 konor 1 [Army of Adeptus Astartes] (1500/1500pt.)

Warhammer 40k Army of Adeptus Astartes Battle-forged

CMogilko @ ()

0 ¤ Do the old posts even get looked at?

Should we continue to post on old discussions? Do they even get looked at as messages are added? A few of us have added more issues to the Ork Roster's and they have not been addressed yet. So seeing as this is a new post I will re address them. Deff Dreads only have options for the two extra weapons, Initial Arms are not charged. Needs Four weapon slot's Defaulting at Two Dred Klaws and Two Big Shootas. Boss Nob upgrades are supposed to be free in Boy'z squads.

Mooderan @ ()

0 ¤ High Elves kompany [High Elves] (998/1000pt.)

High Elves Warhammer Fantasy

avenhelm @ ()

0 ¤ Army of <Chapter> (1800pt.)

Warhammer 40k Army of <Chapter> Battle-forged

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0 ¤ Next Game Necrons [Army of Necrons] (1982/2000pt.)

Warhammer 40k Army of Necrons Battle-forged

Nazgul @ ()

0 ¤ I smite v2 [Army of <Craftworld>] (1995/2000pt.)

Warhammer 40k Army of <Craftworld> Battle-forged

Nazgul @ ()

0 ¤ 1v1 2k Trash Fire [Army of Astra Militarum] (1992/2000pt.)

You got trash? I got fire.

Warhammer 40k Army of Astra Militarum Battle-forged

Micah McDonald @ ()

0 ¤ Cuarta lista Tau [Army of T'au Empire] (1750pt.)

Warhammer 40k Army of T'au Empire Battle-forged

Zer0 @ ()

+3 ¤ Bad points value in orkr army

Please review tankbustas (26 points is not correct), wazbom jet doestn have a weapon, mek in bike and grot oiler(no this option in bike) and choppa option. That s for now. Sorry for my english.

Furungus @ ()

0 ¤ Skarbrand is Missing?

Making an Army of Chaos, Khorne Battallion detachment. I can take Karanak and Skulltaker fine, but Skarbrand seems to be unavailable.


quindraco @ ()